Meeting Clay Mills

Since arriving in Amsterdam in 2010, Clay has prioritised building a business at W+K Amsterdam where creativity equals effectiveness. And in 2013, won the prestigious ‘Creative Effectiveness Lion’ award at Cannes for Heineken. Clay, it seems, is not only building brands but also growing business.

I’m about to meet Clay Mills, managing director for Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, which is an independent advertising agency. Continue reading

Clay Mills - w+k Amsterdam - creativity rules

“Creating an environment where creative people can do amazing work” – Clay Mills

“So, what’s your secret formula at W+K Amsterdam?”

“Creating an environment where creative people can do amazing work. After all creativity is our output. Managing a creative agency is always quite challenging, however. It’s a very specific skill and it requires the ability to lead a non-linear process – which is creativity – and while at it, manage a diverse group of personalities.” Continue reading